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Google Analytics Helps You Optimize Your Website

Search Engine Optimization is an ongoing process where you tweak and refine your website to get a better ranking.  For this purpose you need to monitor your website performance.  You can use Google Analytics to measure the performance of web pages. It is easy to install Google Analytics.  Go to www.google.com/analytics and register using your google account.  Then enter the URL of the website you would like to track.  Google will provide the tracking code.  Add this code to your web pages.

Analytics runs in the background, gathering information of your website visitors.  It is transparent to your website visitors.  Google does a great job at gathering your website visitor statistics.  It records key phrases used in search to get to your website, how visitors are finding your website, how long are they staying on your web pages, what devices are they using to get to your web pages, which is the landing webpage, which is the exiting point, how long are the visitors staying on your site, what devices and network capabilities are using, which country are they coming from and much more…

By selecting Content > Overview > Site overlay, you will be able to visualize how users navigate through your site.

By selecting Traffic sources > Referring sites, you can see which sites are generating traffic for you.

By selecting Visitors/Overview you can see how many people visited your site.  How many Absolute unique visitors you had on your site, page views, average page views, time on site, bounce rate and new visits.

Selecting Visitors/Map Overlay will show you from which countries the visitors are coming to your site.

Selecting Visitors/New vs Returning will show you how many new visitors you got and how many returning visitors.

The languages menu will show you the languages they used.

Visitor Trending gives you further information about visitors.  Other features are browser capabilities, network properties, mobile devices, etc. that give you further information regarding your visitors.

You can create or email custom reports.

Google Analytics can help you tune your website and maintain your position on the top of the search engines.

Web Design for Granite Monuments Launched by NetQwik

NetQwik today launched a new website for CH Monuments. 

NetQwik created a website with an online store for C &H Monuments.  C&H Monuments has over a thousand products for sale and they allow customization for Monuments, Cemetry Markers, Head Stones, Civic and War Memorials, Plaques, Statues, Pet memorials and much more.

The store has content management and can by fully managed by client.  NetQwik also created a wordpress blog with the same look and feel as the website.

You can view some of the web designs that NetQwik has created by clicking here.

Social Media Ready Web Designs

In the ancient times (before the last 5 years) when you wanted to talk with someone — say, your client — you picked up the phone and you spoke to him.  Now it’s social media!It’s so easy today,  Social Media is the perfect tool to build relationships. It works. And yes, it can be fun.

Today, 79% of corporations use Social Media to interact with consumers. They use these communications to maintain top-of-mind presence, drive sales, get feedback, and award customer-loyalty.

In many large organizations there are entire departments of tweeters and social media mavens, sending out tweets, blogs, text messages and checking in with Friends on FaceBook and folks in various interest groups.

On the other hand, if you are like many busy people today (who don’t have a support staff of thousands), maybe you want to write your own material, then have a trusted associate distribute it and respond on your behalf.

Why are these firms devoting so much energy and resources to this effort?

Because it works!

Properly executed, social media does indeed help with online presence. A well-written blog, delivered regularly, builds community.  Social Media does drive sales. Social Media supplements—not replaces—your other marketing efforts. 

The Altimeter Group cites that there are 600M (600,000,000) Facebook accounts and these 600M folks spend an incredible 700B (7,000,000,000) minutes per month on Facebook. Twitter is second with 175M users sending about 95M tweets a day. My calculator can’t even figure out what this comes to on a monthly basis. Anyway, LinkedIn is third at 85M users. YouTube is another social biggie, but not quite in the same way.


NetQwik Launches a new web design for USAVRI

NetQwik launched a new site for USAVRI today. USAVRI is an ASL interpreter network that allows you to increase your deaf and hard of hearing customer base to the entire United States of America through the use of the ZTM’s video phone technology with Video Remote Interpreting (VRI). Check out the website at http://www.usavri.com

Measure Traffic to your Website with Google

Many analytics software packages such as WebTrend and SiteCatalyst cost money.  Google provides their analytic software for free.  With Google Analytics you can measure traffic for your website.  Google provides many options.  With Google Analytics you can see how many times your website was accessed,how many pages were visited, how long the visitors stayed on your site, how many unique visitors came to the site, what devices or browsers did they use to access the site, what keywords they used to get to the site and a zillion more things!

Top Ranking Websites

As of October 14th, here is a list of the top 12 sites in order of their rank.

You Tube

#1 on Google Search Guaranteed for YOUR WEBSITE?

Can anyone guarantee #1 on Google Search?  I don’t think so!

Many SEO’s promise guaranteed number one position on Google, Yahoo, and MSN search or your money back. If we were to believe these con artists, everyone would be number one for their keywords in the search engine results pages.

Nobody can guarantee #1 ranking in google but we can get you up there on the first page. Here’s an excerpt from google: “No one can guarantee a #1 ranking on Google. Beware of SEOs that claim to guarantee rankings, allege a “special relationship” with Google, or advertise a “priority submit”.

Some of the factors that help search engine ranking are:

Domain Age – how old is your site? How many years is your domain registered for? Older domains do carry a little more weight.

Meta Tags – Are your meta tags optimized? Are your keywords relevant to the content of your website?

How many quality links do you have? – how many high ranked sites link to you?

Number of Indexed Pages – how many pages does your site contain? How many pages are indexed by google. Do you have duplicate content on your site.

What Files Types can Google Index?

Many types of files can be indexed by google. Some of the common types include: Adobe Portable Document Format (.pdf)

Adobe PostScript (.ps)

Atom and RSS feeds (.atom, .rss)

Autodesk Design Web Format (.dwf)

Google Earth (.kml, .kmz)

Lotus 1-2-3 (.wk1, .wk2, .wk3, .wk4, .wk5, .wki, .wks, .wku)

Lotus WordPro (.lwp)

MacWrite (.mw)

Microsoft Excel (.xls)

Microsoft PowerPoint (.ppt)

Microsoft Word (.doc)

Microsoft Works (.wks, .wps, .wdb)

Microsoft Write (.wri)

Open Document Format (.odt)

Rich Text Format (.rtf)

Shockwave Flash (.swf)

Text (.ans, .txt)

Wireless Markup Language (.wml, .wap)

There is a rumour that Google has started indexing Flash files, i.e., SWF files. To make it easy for google to index your pages keep your code clean. Use CSS to call Java script files. Limit images, have a content rich website. Don’t have too many dyanamic pages.

Make sure that your web site loads fast. Ideally your site should not take longer than 15 seconds to load, if the site takes longer then reduce the waiting time by avoiding Flash Intro’s and minimizing the amount of large images you have.

Always check and then double check that there are no broken links in your site.

Web Designers Loudoun

Web Designers Loudoun

Is Your Website Search Engine Friendly?

Is your website search engine friendly?  Is your website working for you?

I was speaking to a computer savvy small business owner who had built his own website.  His website was rather nice looking,interactive with custom graphics. Therefore he was disappointed that users were not interested at looking at his products and would not stick long enough to go to the next page.He was getting a a couple of visitors a day but had no sales.

The first thing I l noticed was the long time I had to wait for the page to load.  This is a huge mistake because users are impatient and do not want to wait for a site to load!  His website page was a whopping 420 KB.  Web usability experts recommend page sizes in the range of 50 to 70 kb.  He had done his website using one of those web builder programs, I think it was iWeb. Where as Web Standards Compliant Code is concerned these web/template builders are far from good.  The code generated is non-symantic with redundant markup making the page huge in size.

Server issues impact search engine ranking. Sites that frustrate users by being slow or unavailable are not the type of sites any search engine wants to present in its results.

You can create the most stunning website, with flash animations, rotating logos, video, audio features,but the truth is, if your website doesn’t have any depth, no amount of “beauty” will get visitors to come back, let alone purchase anything! Also, if you have all these features your website will be slow to load and users will close their browser before your website loads.  Users find too much animation irritating and search engines do not index Flash.

Keep your website simple.  Validate your website code.  It is very important you have clean code so that search engines can read it easily.  Do not be tempted to have too many images on your website.  Make sure your website loads quickly and is easy to navigate. Make it easy for users to contact you.  Have good content and update your website regularly.  Updating the content to keep your customers and search engines happy. These few simple tricks can do wonders for your site.

Author: Rhonda Baynes, Independent SEO Consultant

Is it Worth having Content Management?

Website owners love content management.  However content management can sabotage your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts. If you want to optimize your Web site for the search engines, you must be able to customize your pages down to the smallest detail.  If you use Content Management you will have the the same Title tag on every page.  Moreover, you will have the same meta tags.  Dynamically generated pages do not rank as well with Search Engines.  So if you want a Search Engine Friendly website you need to decide is it worth having Content Management?

Are you sure you need a Flash Website?

Many website owners want to have Flash websites as they look impressive. Although Google can index Flash content to some extend, it is very unlikely that a Flash page will get high rankings on Google. Flash content cannot be indexed by search engines. If your website is a pure Flash site, then you can be sure that search engines won’t be able to see 99% of your website content.

Google has several official statements regarding Flash content:

“Search engines are text based. This means that in order to be crawled and indexed, your content needs to be in text format. [...] Any content you embed in these files should also be available in text format or it won’t be accessible to search engines. [...]
We recommend that you use rich-media technologies like Flash primarily for decorative purposes, and instead use HTML for content and navigation.”
“Make sure that your site has a reasonable, seamless experience for visitors without Flash.
This may involve creating HTML-only equivalents for your Flash-based content that will automatically be shown to visitors who can’t view Flash.”
our pages. If this is ‘just’ for comments, then that might be worth considering.”

What does this mean to your website?

If you want to get a reasonable amount of visitors through search engines, don’t use Flash and other multimedia elements for the main contents of your web pages:

  • Only use Flash for decorative purposes.
  • The navigation of your website should use regular HTML a href links.
  • Do not use fancy JavaScript or Flash navigation menus. Most search engines cannot parse them.

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