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Google Analytics Helps You Optimize Your Website

Search Engine Optimization is an ongoing process where you tweak and refine your website to get a better ranking.  For this purpose you need to monitor your website performance.  You can use Google Analytics to measure the performance of web pages. It is easy to install Google Analytics.  Go to www.google.com/analytics and register using your […]

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Web Design for Granite Monuments Launched by NetQwik

NetQwik today launched a new website for CH Monuments. 

NetQwik created a website with an online store for C &H Monuments.  C&H Monuments has over a thousand products for sale and they allow customization for Monuments, Cemetry Markers, Head Stones, Civic and War Memorials, Plaques, Statues, Pet memorials and much more.

The store has content management and can by fully […]

Social Media Ready Web Designs

In the ancient times (before the last 5 years) when you wanted to talk with someone — say, your client — you picked up the phone and you spoke to him.  Now it’s social media!It’s so easy today,  Social Media is the perfect tool to build relationships. It works. And yes, it can be fun.

Today, […]

NetQwik Launches a new web design for USAVRI

NetQwik launched a new site for USAVRI today. USAVRI is an ASL interpreter network that allows you to increase your deaf and hard of hearing customer base to the entire United States of America through the use of the ZTM’s video phone technology with Video Remote Interpreting (VRI). Check out the website at http://www.usavri.com

Measure Traffic to your Website with Google

Many analytics software packages such as WebTrend and SiteCatalyst cost money.  Google provides their analytic software for free.  With Google Analytics you can measure traffic for your website.  Google provides many options.  With Google Analytics you can see how many times your website was accessed,how many pages were visited, how long the visitors stayed on […]

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Top Ranking Websites

As of October 14th, here is a list of the top 12 sites in order of their rank.

You Tube

#1 on Google Search Guaranteed for YOUR WEBSITE?

Can anyone guarantee #1 on Google Search?  I don’t think so!

Many SEO’s promise guaranteed number one position on Google, Yahoo, and MSN search or your money back. If we were to believe these con artists, everyone would be number one for their keywords in the search engine results pages.

Nobody can guarantee #1 ranking in google […]

Is Your Website Search Engine Friendly?

Is your website search engine friendly?  Is your website working for you?

I was speaking to a computer savvy small business owner who had built his own website.  His website was rather nice looking,interactive with custom graphics. Therefore he was disappointed that users were not interested at looking at his products and would not stick long […]

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Is it Worth having Content Management?

Website owners love content management.  However content management can sabotage your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts. If you want to optimize your Web site for the search engines, you must be able to customize your pages down to the smallest detail.  If you use Content Management you will have the the same Title tag on […]

Are you sure you need a Flash Website?

Many website owners want to have Flash websites as they look impressive. Although Google can index Flash content to some extend, it is very unlikely that a Flash page will get high rankings on Google. Flash content cannot be indexed by search engines. If your website is a pure Flash site, then you can be […]

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