Law Firm Web Design Services

Since our inception, we have designed thousands of websites for small business including law firms and attorneys. Attorneys, lawyers and law firms across the United States have trusted their law firm website design projects to NetQwik.

Legal Web Design and Internet Marketing

Each law website design is unique and is a reflection of your company. The legal websites are reasonably priced and are easy to update.

Our Process for Law Firm Website Design and Marketing

The web site design and development process is simple.  It involves gathering initial information, creation of your web site, maintenance to keep your web site up to date and current and marketing your business. It all starts with a phone call.  Call us now at 800-657-5432 and we will walk you through the process.

We design websites for law firms and attorneys with expertise in various fields such as criminal law, patent law, corporate law, traffic law, firearms restoration attorneys,  and more.


    Law Website Design Process

    Initial Concept Planning

    We gather information about your company, your goal and target audience.

    Draft & Revisions

    We give you a draft design and revise the design till you absolutely love it.

    Final Delivery

    Once you are satisfied with the design we develop all the web pages. When you approve the site we launch it.

    Marketing & Maintenance

    We work with your team to plan a customized marketing strategy.

    Essentials for attorney web design

    Creating a successful web design for an attorney’s website requires a balance between professionalism, user-friendliness, and effective communication. Here are some essentials to consider when designing a website for an attorney:

    Clean and Professional Design: Use a clean and professional color scheme that reflects the seriousness of legal services. Avoid overly flashy or distracting elements that can detract from the content.

    Clear Navigation: Organize the website with a clear and intuitive navigation menu to help visitors find the information they need quickly. Categorize services, practice areas, about the attorney, contact information, and any relevant resources.

    Responsive Design: Ensure that the website is responsive and works well on various devices, including desktops, tablets, and smartphones.

    Strong Branding: Incorporate the attorney’s branding elements, such as their logo and a consistent visual style, throughout the website.

    High-Quality Imagery: Use high-quality images that relate to the legal profession and the attorney’s practice areas. Consider including professional photos of the attorney and their team.

    Engaging Content: Craft well-written and informative content that showcases the attorney’s expertise and services. Use clear and concise language that is easy for both legal professionals and the general public to understand.

    Practice Area Pages: Create dedicated pages for each practice area the attorney specializes in. Provide in-depth information about each practice area, including relevant legal information and case studies if possible.

    Client Testimonials: Include testimonials or reviews from satisfied clients to build trust and credibility.

    Contact Information: Make it easy for visitors to contact the attorney by placing contact information prominently on the website. Consider including a contact form for online inquiries.

    Call to Action (CTA): Use clear and compelling CTAs throughout the website to guide visitors toward taking desired actions, such as scheduling a consultation.

    Blog or Resources Section: Maintain a blog or resources section where the attorney can share insights, legal updates, and helpful information related to their practice areas.

    Privacy and Security: Ensure that the website is secure, especially if you’re collecting sensitive client information through contact forms or other means.

    Legal Disclaimers: Include necessary legal disclaimers to inform visitors about the limitations and purposes of the website’s content.

    SEO Optimization: Optimize the website for search engines (SEO) by using relevant keywords in content, meta tags, and URLs. Consider local SEO strategies if the attorney serves a specific geographic area.

    Social Media Integration: Link to the attorney’s social media profiles, if applicable, to foster engagement and build an online presence.

    Remember that a successful attorney’s website not only presents information effectively but also reflects the attorney’s professionalism and expertise. Regularly update the website to keep content current and adapt to any changes in the attorney’s practice or the legal landscape.

    Law Firm Website Design

    Law Firm Website Design

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