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NetQwik is a Virginia-based digital marketing agency that specializes in SEO. We help businesses gain an edge over their competition and grow their business through targeted online strategies. As a top Northern Virginia digital company, we provide SEO services in Virginia and beyond.

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    Whether you live in Northern Virginia, Maryland or DC or another state and need  WordPress maintenance, a new web design or local SEO or national SEO, we can help you.

    Search Engine Optimization, Northern Virginia

    As a Northern Virginia SEO company, NetQwik provides complete Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services to assist you in capturing your target market on the internet. Our goal is to provide online visibility and high conversion rates to our clients at an affordable rate.

    We can help you get the highest rankings on major search engines, such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, and others. Our strategic optimization services will help you maintain these rankings.

    Increased visibility of your business when prospects search for it leads to more clicks on your website. This leads to improved conversions and, ultimately, higher sales revenue.

    We’re an online marketing SEO agency in Northern Virginia with offices in Ashburn, Fairfax, Leesburg, Fredericksburg and Norfolk. We help our clients in Northern Virginia and beyond to build a custom digital marketing strategy to meet their business objectives.

    Google regularly updates their search algorithm; therefore we continue to refine our SEO strategies. Some of our SEO strategies include keyword analysis and assignment, code optimization and content optimization.

    SEO Professionals in Northern Virginia and Beyond

    Our Northern VA Search Engine Optimization professionals are seasoned experts with extensive optimization expertise. Our SEO experts can help your website rank higher in google search results.

    The first stage in our comprehensive process is to meet with you to discuss your SEO goals. After defining your objectives, we conduct extensive study and develop a comprehensive SEO strategy.

    Local SEO

    Our Northern Virginia SEO strategists will help you with local SEO.

    The process of optimizing your website rankings to raise local traffic, exposure, and brand recognition is known as local SEO.

    To optimize your website for local SEO we can help you with the following:

    • Optimize your Google Business page
    • Research regional terms
    • Add local sitemaps
    • Generating relevant content

    Local SEO is beneficial for any company that has a physical location or services a specific region.

    Virginia SEO Company

    Search Engine Optimization for Small Business

    What ‘s SEO? SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is a process of getting website traffic through organic search.

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a strategy for optimizing your website so that it appears near the top of Google searches.

    Google has best practices laid down for creating websites that are easy to index for search engines. Following Google’s best practices with good SEO can help you improve its online visibility.

    The best time to consider SEO is when you are planning to launch a new website or redesigning your existing one. The reason for this is that your SEO company can make sure that your design is search engine friendly.

    SEO Services Virginia

    As a top SEO Agency in Northern Virginia, we have helped many small businesses achieve online success.

    Our SEO Process

    Once you hire our Virginia SEO Agency you will be assigned a certified professional to work with you.

    Website Review

    Our Northern Virginia SEO Professionals will review your current website. We will perform a detailed analysis of your website to detect technical errors. We will provide recommendations and resolve the issues. We will optimize your code to improve your search engine rank.

    Target Market

    After we have resolved the technical issues for your website, we will identify your target market and analyze your competition.

    Keyword Research

    We will perform keyword research for search terms relevant to your business. This will enables us to provide you with recommendations to optimize your content. Optimizing your content will increase your website rank.

    Website Content

    We will give recommendations to update your content. In addition, we will write SEO optimized content for you. We provide on-page SEO to optimize each web page to achieve higher ranking and earn relevant traffic in search engines.

    Submission to Search Engines

    Our Northern Virginia SEO professions will create sitemaps and submit them to major search engines.


    We provide you with monthly reports and recommendations.

    When we needed local SEO, NetQwik created a marketing strategy for us and provided SEO services, digital marketing, social media marketing and content management and email marketing reaching out to our potential customers. They exceeded our exceptions.  They are one of the best SEO companies. If you need a SEO Virginia company, I highly recommend them. ~ Client, Northern Virginia.

    Why Choose us for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

    Our SEO company based in Northern employs experienced Google Adwords professionals, and is an authorized Google Partner. All services are provided by our own staff and are carried out using the most successful SEO strategies. We have gained a wealth of knowledge in SEO over the past 20 years. This has helped us to master a variety of SEO methods.

    SEO Packages

    Each company has unique requirements. Therefore, we create customized SEO packages for our clients depending upon their requirements.

    Our SEO  services and digital marketing strategies include search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click advertising, social media integration and advertising. We can be provided these as an individual service or bundled together.  We can help you run successful SEO campaigns.

    We provide ranking reports and website traffic analytics so that you can track your progress. We are one of the leading search engine marketing firm in the Washington D.C Metro area. Our prices are competitive and our service is exemplary. Our goal is to make long-term relationships with our customers and help them grow online.

    Fairfax SEO

    Northern Virginia SEO Services

    As a business owner with a website, most likely you want to try to improve your online visibility,  so that you are easily found on the search engines.  You may have a few questions regarding SEO.

    When looking for answers regarding SEO you may find contradicting information.  This is because Google’s algorithm is constantly changing.  The tactics that used to work in the past may not work today.

    Search Engine Optimization is the process of increasing a website’s visibility on search engines by ranking it for relevant keywords and queries.

    When you use keywords in your content that are relevant to your business, you will improve your site’s position across a variety of keywords and notice a rise in the amount of organic traffic it receives.

    SEO will help generate revenue for you and grow your business.  Most people are looking for services and products online.  If your website appears in the search engine results more consumers will find your business.

    There are many factors that impact your website’s ranking in Google. For example some of the factors re:

    • the age of your domain
    • the structure and code of your website.
    • your content
    • backlinks to your site
    • and more.

    Technical SEO consists of how Google crawls and indexes your website, site performance, structured data, canonicalization, XML sitemaps, hreflang, and other factors.

    Organic SEO is to achieve natural placement and results through a variety of strategies such as optimizing the web page by generating high-quality and highly relevant content, boosting keywords, integrating meta tags, and backlinking.

    Paid search uses advertising on search engine results pages (SERPs) to reach people who are looking for keywords related to your business. Organic SEO, on the other hand, ensures that your website, content, and social profiles score well in organic search results.

    Content marketing is a marketing strategy that uses relevant articles, videos, podcasts, and other media to attract, engage, and retain an audience. This strategy builds expertise, raises brand awareness.

    Creating social media sites are great for internet marketing. Adding relevant social media content to your website can help it rank higher.

    On-page SEO methods involve keyword research, creating and marketing high-quality content, and optimizing internal linking strategies, title tags, meta tags, and images on your website.

    A typical example of on-page SEO is optimizing content for a specific keyword. For example, if you’re writing a blog post about a small business in Northern Virginia you could use keywords such as  ‘Northern Virginia small business’ , ‘Local Northern Virginia company’, etc.  You would  include that term in your post’s title, slug, meta description, headers, and content.

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    Your website may not be appearing in Google because:

    1. The website is new.
    2. The domain is new.
    3. The site has not been indexed by Google.
    4. The site is blocked from search engine.
    5. Your website structure prevents Google from indexing your site.
    6. Your content does not match what users are querying.

    If you need assistance with SEO strategies, please contact our SEO professionals in Fairfax, VA at 800-657-5432