Users are searching for products and services everyday.  According to data over 9 billion of searches are processed on Google every day. Therefore, optimizing your site to boost your search engine ranking is essential if you want to grow your business. A higher search engine ranking that will display your business on the top of the search results will help your company grow and acquire new customers.  Here are some SEO strategies that you can apply.

Step 1 to Improve SEO

Boosting your SEO rank and acquiring organic traffic requires hard work and perseverance. Every website owner wants to appear at the top of Google search results, regardless of their size. This applies to small businesses and large corporations alike.

To improve Search engine rank, your website should be easy to navigate on mobile devices. Additionally, create a user-friendly landing page for a great user experience.

There are many of ways to increase your search engine rankings. Here are five simple DIY techniques you can use on your website. These techniques will help you improve your website’s Google ranking.

Publish Quality Content to improve search engine rankings

The number one factor affecting your search engine rank is the quality and usefulness of your content.  Write great content. This being said, there is no alternative for excellent content, especially when trying to improve your position in the SERPS. As you are aware, the more visitors your site receives, the more authoritative and relevant it becomes because of the quality material you’ve generated with your target audience in mind. Therefore, Develop your web writing abilities and establish yourself as a subject matter expert.

Step 2 for better Search Engine Rank

Update your Content Regularly

One of the best ways to rank high in search engines and get repeat visitors to your website is by adding new relevant content and keeping your current content updated.

  • Use internal linking
  • Use keyword phrases in your content
  • Make sure you don’t have any broken links
  • Work on link building
  • Update content on social media

Improve Search Engine Ranking by Blogging


To improve your Search engine rankings, you can add information to your website by blogging. For example, create blog’s using keyword-rich content to make it easier for search engines and users to find you and thus improve your search engine rankings. Even shorter updates about the specific subjects you are aiming for can be used as blog posts. Create links between your blog entries and related webpages when it will assist the reader understand your content.

How can Blogging improve your ranking factors in the search results?

When writing the blog you can:

1. Target the keywords you would like to rank with
2. Focus on long tail keywords
3. Keep your language simple
4. Add images with keywords
5.Write informative content
6. Write compelling titles
7. Use headings and subheadings
8. Internal linking
9. Write for the user not search engines.
10.  Write quality content
11. Write good meta descriptions
12. Relevant title tags

Improve Search Engine Ranking Step 4

Optimize Your Images

The web page message is aesthetically supported by images. Both users and search engines love them. A picture is worth a thousand words. Use descriptive (keyword-rich) ALT tags for every image. Some ways to optimize your images are:

  • Use Alt tags
  • Give relevant file names
  • Resize images to the needed dimensions
  • Reduce image file sizes
  • Create an image sitemap

Improve Search Engine Rankings by Submitting Google Site Map

Submit a Site Map  (Google SEO Rankings)

Search engines will index pages more quickly if you submit a sitemap. You can submit your sitemap to Google if you confirmed Google Search Console for your website in the first stage. You can submit a sitemap to Bing’s webmaster tools dashboard as well.

Search Engine Rankings

SEO Ranking Techniques

SEO Ranking Techniques

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