What is a good web design?

A good web design is one that communicates its message well and engages visitors. A website must have certain elements to be effective.

These include being visually pleasing, mobile-friendly, easy to navigate, and providing important information. A good design also has a call to action. The way a website looks depends on consistency, colors, fonts, imagery, and simplicity.

Results Driven Web Design

A good web design promotes trust and encourages users to take action.

Whether you have an ecommerce business, simply need online presence, or any other type of website, you can use the recommendations listed below as a starting point for your upcoming online project.

Goal of the Website

Does your website convey the message it is intended for? Does the website meet the user’s needs?. Each page should have a clear cut goal to let the consumer interact with what you have to offer. What does your website aim to achieve?

For example, if you have a real estate website, then does your website provide properties for sale? If you have an online shopping website, does your website provide descriptions for the products you are selling? Websites may serve a variety of functions, however they all have certain fundamental goals.

Navigation for a Good Web Design

A good web design is that is easy to navigate so that users can easily find what they are looking for. This is vital for user engagement. When a website navigation is difficult and user’s cannot easily find what they are looking for, then they will give up trying to use a website and look elsewhere for what they need. The goal is to keep navigation clear, easy to use, and constant throughout each page.

Good web design has Informative Content

Both outstanding design and amazing content are found on an effective website. Great content may attract and influence visitors by turning them into clients.

Mobile Friendly Web Design

Most people are using their phones to browse the web. Therefore, it is important to consider building your website with a responsive layout where your website can adjust to different screens.

Website Speed

How fast a website loads matters. If a web page takes long to load users will get impatient and navigate away from the page. Click here for hosting services.

Principles of good web design

Good web design

Good web design

Frequently Asked Questions

What much does a website cost?

Web design pricing is determined upon your requirements. We have several web design packages to enable you to create a budget.

Can I use a website builder to build my website?

Website builders have limited options for customization and may not perform well with search engines. Since your business website represents your business and the growth of your business depends upon how effective it is, it is recommended you hire a professional web developer and a graphic designer.

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