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Thinking of designing a website? Here are some website design tips for you.

Buying a Domain Name

Your website design starts with obtaining a domain name that is short and easy to remember.  Also, whenever possible, avoid hyphens and numbers. Furthermore, create a search engine friendly domain, e.g, if you are web design company in Fairfax you could use a domain like

Website Design Tip 2

Your Website Hosting

When choosing website hosting, don’t go for the cheapest hosting.  Hosting is important for website speed.

Website Design Tip 3

Your Website content

Before you write your content perform a keyword research. This will give you an idea of keywords and variations that user search for.  Make a list of these keywords and strategically integrate them within your content.

The headline should be descriptive so that users know at first glance what your business is about. Don’t stuff your content with keywords, write in simple language that will be easy for everyone to understand.   Additionally, the most important content should be above the fold.

Website Design Tip 4

Website Speed Performance

Users are impatient.   Therefore your web site should loads fast. In the space of time a user has to wait for your website to load they will have lost interest and be looking elsewhere. If your website takes a long time to load, add a caching plug-in, reduce the size of your images and upgrade your hosting.

Website Design Tip 5

Test your Website for Responsiveness

Test your website to ensure your site can be viewed optimally on all resolutions and all browsers. Chrome and Firefox have in-built tools to test your site on all devices.  Bear in mind, 95% of users are using a mobile device searching for services on the web. Therefore, it is important your website looks good on mobile devices.

Website Design Tip 6

Easy Navigation

Make the website easy to navigate. Add clean navigation, a site map and search functionality.  Ensure that all information can be accessible from all parts of the site by having a static menu or a footer containing important links.  Avoid too many pop-ups.

Website Design Tip 7

Clean Website

Do not overcrowd your website with information; visitors will be intimidated when swamped with lots of data. Present the information in a readable format and font choosing a professional color scheme. Use high contrast.  When choosing a font try to use a Google font that is available on their CDN.  Along with unprofessional font’s try to avoid cluttering your site with images and impractical design, keep your site neat and simple.

Website Design Tips

Website Design Tips

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Article Author: This article was provided by Patty Frito, a graphic and web designer in Fairfax, Northern Virginia.