Law firm web designs have a history of being bland and boring.   A skilled web designer can make the site professional and inviting.  That will attract potential clients and provide them with confidence in your law firm.  If you are a designing a website for a law firm or an attorney, most probably it is important for you that it ranks high with search engine and attracts more clients.

Law Firm Web Design Should be Mobile Friendly!

A Law firm is a busy place. Due to their busy schedule law firm staff and attorneys may overlook the necessity of updating the website.  Most probably you have already heard this a million times –  it is a important for the site to be mobile friendly. When developing a law firm website use responsive design. Responsive design accommodates all device sizes, and is good for SEO.

No Website Builders for Law Firm Web Design

Since there are so many website builders out there, many users are creating their websites using website builders. These websites are usually not a good investment as they have limited capability and not the best where SEO is concerned. If you are serious about marketing your website and attracting new clients, it is important to have a search engine friendly website.

Sensible Layout for Your Law Firm Web Design

Older websites have narrow layouts. Today’s websites use responsive design to expand the website to fill most of the screen.

Which font is your Law Firm Website Using?

Do not make your fonts small and hard to read. When designing your law firm’s website, choose colors and fonts that are appealing and blend well with the rest of your page. Take advantage of Google fonts. Also, you can further manipulate the font style by using CSS.

Does Your Law Firm Website have an outdated Copyright Information?

Many website owners forget to update their copyright information. Make sure your copyright information is up to date.

Staff/Attorneys Pictures for your Website

If you are using photos of your staff make sure these pictures are up to date. Also, do not leave attorney bios that are no longer working in your law firm.

Do not use pictures like this one:

Bad Picture to Use on your Law Website

Bad Picture to Use on your Law Website


Stock Photos for your Law firm Web Design

Use your photos wisely to deliver a message. Use positive pictures.  If you designing a website for a criminal lawyer or a divorce attorney, the following pictures would be a bad choice.

Negative picture to use for criminal law

Negative Picture – Do not use this for a criminal lawyer

Divorce Attorney Website

Negative Picture – Do not use this for a divorce lawyer

How We Can Help

When using our web design company, you can expect to get a high-quality website that will effectively promote your Law Firm. Our goal is to increase the amount of targeted traffic that comes to your website.

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