As a doctor and a medical practitioner you need an innovative medical website design to let your patients know about your medical practice.  You are a qualified medical doctor and you want to help your patients.  Doctors and health practitioners that have a medical practice wear many hats – website designer and SEO shouldn’t have to be one of them.

Having a prominent online presence is important so that you can attract new patients and at the same time maintain existing ones. Since today, patients pay more out of pocket for their health services, google searches have become an important tool in determining which health care practices are best suited for them. If your medical website lacks information, chances are patients will get frustrated and search for another medical website.

Features for a Medical Website

Your patients are looking for a no-nonsense website that is easy to navigate, loads fast and can give them the information they need.  Some of the features you need for your website are:

Your Credentials/Resumes

Your patients want to know you.  They want to know your specialties and how you can help them.  It is helpful to your patients when you upload your picture, your bio and your achievements to the website.

Contact Information

Your medical website should display your contact information, your hours of operations, directions to your office.


It is important you let your clients set up appointments online.

Medical Forms

Provide medical forms on your website so that users can fill out the forms before they come to your office.  This will be beneficial for both the medical practitioner and the patient.  If you have fillable PDF forms users will love it.  This will help medical practitioners have correct information about their clients and avoid typos when entering the information it their systems.

Website Performance

For a medical practitioner, it is essential their website loads fast.  Patients do not want to wait for your website to load.

Medical Website – Patient Reviews

Health care reviews have become increasingly popular.  Reviews can reveal how the medical practice treat their patients. Testimonials that share positive patient experiences attract new patients and keeping existing patients. You should create a page on your website for to online review.  Also, provide a link to the patients to write a review for you.

Medical Website Design

Medical Website Design

Medical Website Design

Medical Website Design

Medical Website Design

Medical Website Design