How does your WordPress Website Perform? How many plug-ins have you installed?

Billions of users around the world are using WordPress websites for their business.  WordPress websites are search engine friendly, easy to update and scaleable.

You can further extend the functionality of your WordPress website with plug-ins.  There are many great plug-ins – many free and many commercial.  However, keep in mind, plugins do not come without their own set of issues. If you have been maintaining a WordPress site you will know this from experience.

Website Performance

Having too many plug-ins will impact the performance of your site. Each plugin adds its own code and files to your website that can slow performance. The additional http requests and database queries will affect performance. The more plugins you install on your WordPress site, the slower it will run.

What’s the result of having a slow site? Users will abandon it! Sales won’t get completed! You will lose sales!

Security Vulnerability

Always install plug-ins developed by reputable web developers.  Many times free plug-ins are discontinued and not updated to keep up with the latest WordPress releases, thus making your website vulnerable to hackers. Keep your plug-ins updated. Uninstall plug-ins that are not being used.  Remove inactive plug-ins.

Breaking your WordPress Site

Some plug-ins might be incompatible with your theme or other plug-ins that you have installed. This can break your site. All plug-ins are not updated at the same time. This could also impact the functionality of your website.

Check Plug-in Impact for your WordPress Website

If you want find out which plugins are slowing down your site, you can install yet another plug-in!  You can install P3 Plug-in Profiler.  This plugin creates a performance report for your site.

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