SEO Tips

As a business owner you want to Increase your website’s visibility on search engines such as Google and Bing.  Just getting traffic is not good enough – you want the right traffic that will help you convert your online visitors to potential customers.  Here are few seo tips to get you started.

Organic Versus Paid SEO

Organic search is when your website is displayed in the search results based on natural rankings.  Paid search is when you pay search engines to display your website on the search results when someone types specific phrases or keywords.  Organic search requires perseverance and hard work. With paid search, your website will be displayed in search results instantly for the specific phrases or keywords you have advertised.

Quick SEO Tips

Domain Name

The age of your Domain is one of the factors in your site’s search ranking. It can take time for a new website to come up organically. Register your domain for more than a year.

Fine Tune Your Website

Avoid 404 errors, duplicate content and orphan pages.  If you have moved your website to another domain then create 301 redirects.

Finding the Right Keywords

Think like a consumer.  What will the consumer type in the search engine to find you?  Make a list of the keywords you would like to rank for.  Write down variations of the keywords.  Once you have put your keyword list together, build your content around your keywords.  Do not stuff your web page with the keyword.  Keep the keyword density to 2.3%.

Optimize for Speed

Optimize your website so that it loads faster.  You can use websites like Pingdom and GTmetrix. They also give you recommendations on how to increase the speed of your page.

Use Structured Data

Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines encourage the use of structured data.  Refer to to learn more about structured data.

Update Your Website

Do not build a website and then forget about it.  Update your website with new content.  Both search engines and users like fresh content.

Content Writing

Write your content for humans, not just for search engines.  Today’s consumer scans through the content.  Use headings so that user can read the content quickly.

Website Indexing

Make sure your website is indexed.  Submit your website sitemap to  search engines.

Mobile Website

You have heard this a million times and almost everyone will give this SEO Tip! Make sure your website is google friendly and looks good on all devices.

Google My Business

Another SEO tip is to list your business with Google Business.  Add information about your business, photos, hours of operation, etc.

Need more SEO tips? Call us, we can help you with search engine optimization.

SEO Tips

SEO Tips

Our SEO Process


Once you hire our Virginia SEO Agency  you will be assigned a certified professional to work with you.

Website Audit

We will review your existing site and perform a detailed website audit. Based on the audit we will provide recommendations.

Target Market

We identify your target market and provide recommendations

Keyword Research

Keyword research enables us to provide you with recommendations to optimize your content.

Competitors Analysis

We will perform competitive analysis, a process of identifying and researching competitors in your industry’s various marketing techniques. We can use this information to assess your company’s strengths and shortcomings in relation to your competition.

On Page SEO

We provide on-page SEO to optimize each web page to achieve higher ranking  and earn relevant traffic in search engines. On-page SEO is a technique for optimizing your headings, titles meta tags, images and more.

Content Strategy

We will optimize your website’s content to integrate relevant keywords and create new content to increase the online visibility of your website.

Off Page SEO

Off-page SEO involves optimizing your brand online that will lead to an increase in search rankings, traffic to your site, and conversions.

Link Building

We will help you with link building which is the process of obtaining  links from other websites to enhance referral traffic and the authority of your website.


We provide you with monthly traffic and keyword reports.

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