Free WordPress ThemeWordPress is the most popular blogging platform around the web. Recently, it has become the most used program for Content Management. There are many free WordPress themes available.

Why Do Web Designers and Users love WordPress?

You can create almost anything with WordPress.  It is flexible and if you are familiar with Php and CSS then you can easily customize the themes.

Using Free WordPress Themes

Have you heard the saying ‘You get what you paid for’?  I will give you an example of one of my clients who used a free WordPress Theme.  My client, let’s call him Sam, started a cleaning company.  Since his budget was tight he could not afford to hire a professional web designer to set up his site.  He decided it was best for him to use a free WordPress theme.  He spent hours reading WordPress tutorials.  He uploaded his pictures and updated his text.  The website looked ok – after all this was his first website.  It looked exactly like the first website I designed (LOL). He was proud of it.  Soon he learn’t about SEO and started optimizing his site.  Then of course he wanted to use Google Adwords.  He spent thousands advertising his services.  Everything was great, he was enjoying seeing his business flourish.

What Happens With a Free WordPress Theme?

One day his phone started ringing off the hook.  Ok, so was he happy about it?  No way!  He was getting calls from unhappy clients.  They had gone to his site and their computers were infected with a virus.  Many of them threatened to sue him.  They were not happy and they dumped his services.

Sam went to his website and his computer got infected too!  His website was so messed up! Then he Googled his website and got a message ‘this website can harm your computer’.  He was devastated!

When Sam asked me for assistance, he had already lost most of his clients.  Let me tell you nothing can beat ‘Free stuff’.  But who is going to keep developing this free stuff?  Everyone has to survive.  If I make a Free WordPress Theme today, I cannot guarantee that I will keep updating it for free!  WordPress updates come out very regularly.  Most of these updates are security patches.   You have to keep your WordPress theme, all plug ins and WordPress software updated.  If you do not do this, you are opening yourself to hackers.

How did I Help Sam to Get His Website Up and Running?

The first thing I did was delete his entire files and uninstall the WordPress application and delete the database.  Then I sent an email to Google to request malware review.

Sam’s website had to be totally done from scratch. It had to be redesigned professionally.  Security measures had to be taken.  His website now passed the Google review and he up and running.  However, at this point Sam had lost a lot of business and he had to start all over again.  Thankfully Sam is doing okay today and he is working on growing his business. Now tell me was it worthwhile for Sam to use a free WordPress theme? If I develop a website for myself I would not ever use a free WordPress theme.

Lesson to be learned: ‘Penny wise and Pound Foolish’