Getting Started with Mobile Friendly Websites

As you are aware mobile devices have changed the world. Today, everyone has mobile phones. Users are constantly looking for information on mobile devices. The number of smartphones has surpassed the number of personal computers. Therefore, having a mobile friendly website is critical for online presence.  Take a mobile friendly test to see if your website passes the test.

As you are aware Google gives priority to useability? Moreover, Google sends out emails to webmasters when they find mobility issues.  In addition, their email indicates that Google systems have tested the pages from the site and have found critical mobile usability errors. Also, Google indicates in their email that the pages that are severely affected and how mobile users are able to experience your website. Google clearly indicates that the pages that are not seen as mobile-friendly by Google Search, will not be displayed. Moreover, pages are not mobile-friendly will not be ranked appropriately for smartphone users.

If you want to rank well in Search engines, having a mobile friendly website is no longer a luxury, it is a necessity.

You can also test your site via Google’s Mobile Friendly Website Test.

Google gives you the following advice:

  • Keep your calls to action in the front and center them
  • Keep your menus short
  • Make it easy for users to navigate to the home page

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Mobile Friendly Websites

According to GoogleMake sure that your mobile site contains the same content as your desktop site. If your mobile site has less content than your desktop site, consider updating your mobile site so that its primary content is equivalent to your desktop site. You can have a different design on mobile to maximize user experience (for example, moving content into accordions or tabs); just make sure that the content is equivalent to the desktop site, since almost all indexing on your site comes from the mobile site.

Mobile Friendly Website

Mobile Friendly Website

Mobile Friendly Website

Mobile Friendly Website