SEO plus UX DesignUX design or User experience design is the most discussed topic where web design is concerned. Everyone sees it a little differently. According to Wikipedia “User Experience Design (UXD or UED or XD) is the process of enhancing user satisfaction by improving the usability, accessibility, and pleasure provided in the interaction between the user and the product.”

UX design emphasizes on connecting with people. To enhance user experience you need the ability to engage with your visitors. Google takes into account what your bounce rate is.  The more you know about your visitors the better you can design for them.

How does UX design fit with SEO?  Google wants users to have the best experience.  Are you creating your web pages just for search engines or are you taking your users into consideration?  Pages with little content fare poorly with SEO.

What is a Great UX Design?

Useful – Make your Website Useful

The solution to make your website useful is to provide content, features and functions that meet common user needs.  For example if you have an e-commerce website you could add the capability to include whether a specific item is in stock or out of stock. If it is out of stock let the user know when it will be available. Provide related products that the user might be interested in.

User Interaction

Is it easy for the user to find information?  A beautiful website that is unintuitive or difficult to navigate will not impress anyone and ultimately compromise business goals. The quality of experience is an important factor in customer loyalty.  The better the experience with a product, the more likely users will recommend a product, service and share it on social media sites.

Target Market

The fundamental building block of UX  design is understanding your target audience. Who are your target audience?  How will they use your solution? If you want to design successful user-centered solutions, understanding your users is critical.

Good UX Design also provides customers and users an enjoyable, productive, and engaging experience, that facilitates a positive relationship between the user and the business.

Improve customer satisfaction for UX Design / User Experience Design

User Experience best practice requires listening to customers’ opinions. For example Amazon and ebay have reviews for customer satisfactions.

Scenarios and Storyboards for UX Design

Create scenarios/stories. For example if you are selling a product. Depending on the audience, you could create a storyboard to capture how, when, where and why someone might use your product.

Provide a similar experience regardless of the device for Optimal UX Design / User Experience Design

Visitors will be coming to your site using varied devices and browsers. They can visit your site on their desktop, laptop, tablet, phone or some other device. A big part of user experience design is make sure that no matter how the visitor sees your site, they are get the same experience.

Website Readability

Most users do not read content – they just scan through the content. Don’t use fonts or text on background images that is difficult to read.  When using background images make sure there is enough contrast so that your content is readable.  Busy backgrounds can cause distractions and take attention away from your content. Leave plenty of white space. Organize your content using headings.

Fast Loading Websites

Don’t make the users wait for the content. You will lose more than half your users if your website is slow to load.

UX Design - Web Design Process

UX Design – Web Design Process

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