Is your marketing expense/effort growing but not your business?

Digital Marketing is crucial to business success.  When digital marketing is done the right way it can increase your revenue.  If digital marketing is done the wrong way you can lose revenue.  It takes a lot of effort to attract prospective customers and the last thing you want to do is annoy them.  We conducted a survey of about 1200 consumers and learned some of the sure-fire ways to push consumers away.

Website Chat Options

Amazingly our consumers informed us that they detested the chat option that appears on the website.  According to them it gave them the creepy feeling that somebody was watching them. Personally, I like chat options.  I find them helpful.  However, I get irritated when browsing a website and suddenly the chat pop-up appears, and the operator wants to help me so that they can close a deal.  When this happens, I leave the website.  The moral of the story is it’s best to let the customer start the conversation.

Too many pop-ups on your website

Another tactic that consumers despise is when they visit a website and are immediately inundated with pop-ups and slide-out offers requesting your email address, asking you to like them on Facebook, trying to sell you something, etc.

Email Marketing Done the Wrong Way

Despite the fact that we are a digital marketing company and Google Partners, we constantly get annoying emails from internet marketeers promising to make us number 1 on Google.  One of them even went as far as to tell us that they are friends with Google.  Another classic email we get is telling us how they like our website, but it has an SEO flaw, so we should contact them to get this issue resolved.  We also get emails asking us if we received the last email about outsourcing services.  Another one is how somebody has left millions of dollars!  The list of spam emails goes on and on. Most of them do not have an unsubscribe option on them.  Like most consumers we mark these emails as spam and block them.

Automated Tele Sales

Consumers despise automated tele sales!  Usually the consumer ends up blocking these phone numbers as well.

Aggressive Marketers

Our consumers also inform us that they detest aggressive marketers. They do not like receiving constant email reminders and daily calls reminding them to buy services.

Digital Marketing Strategies

SEO Services Ashburn Virginia

Whether you are a start up business or an established business that needs to grow your customer base, we can help you from creating a website that generates leads and sales.  No matter what your goals are we can create an effective strategy to help your brand get there.

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