School Website Design

Designing A School Website

Designing a new School or Day care Website?  Make sure your new website makes a lasting impression!

If you are having your school or day care website redesigned, we are sure you have had many suggestions on how to improve it. Usually there is a complaint that you do not keep it updated.

For a day care or school website design parents usually want to know about day to day activities, food menu and upcoming events. They also want to learn more about the teachers and have access to their email accounts. Of course, they want to know about the holidays, snow days and other rules and regulations.

Is your Website Unfriendly for a Mobile User?

Currently, 80% of users are surfing the internet with their mobile devices. A soccer mom on the go would most likely view a school website on their mobile phone. Our research indicates that parents are busy people and they usually access the school websites from their mobile device. Therefore, not having a mobile friendly website for a school or day care is a big mistake.

No Contact Page Directory on a School Web Design

Another area many school websites do not have is easy access to teachers contact information. Parents want easy access to phone numbers and emails of their children’s teachers. Not having an intuitive contact page and directory for a school website is a fatal mistake.

Not Having a Calendar on a School Website

Many school websites do not have a calendar of events on their website. If you are designing a school website, make sure to have a calendar. This is one of most visited page by the parents.

No menu on a School Website

If you have a day care website or a school website it is important to post the daily menu. Parents usually look at the menu before deciding whether they need to pack lunch for their children.  Also children may be allergic to certain foods.  Therefore, it is imperative for parents to know what is being served at school.

No Search on a School Website

School websites tend to have a lot of information. Therefore make sure you have a search function.

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School Web Design

School Web Design

Day Care Web Design

What is must have for a School Website?

Designing a school website requires careful consideration of the needs of students, parents, teachers, and staff. Here are some essentials to include in a school website design:

  1. Clear Navigation: Organize the website’s navigation menu logically and intuitively, making it easy for visitors to find information they’re looking for. Use descriptive labels and avoid overwhelming users with too many menu items.
  2. Important Information: Include essential information such as school contact details, address, school hours, and important dates (e.g., holidays, exam schedules) prominently on the homepage or in a dedicated section.
  3. About Us Section: Provide an overview of the school’s mission, history, values, and key personnel (e.g., principal, faculty) in an “About Us” section. Include photos and bios to personalize the content.
  4. Academic Programs: Highlight academic programs, curriculum, and extracurricular activities offered by the school. Provide detailed information about each program, including course descriptions, requirements, and opportunities for student involvement.
  5. Calendar of Events: Maintain a comprehensive calendar of events, including academic events, sports competitions, parent-teacher meetings, and school holidays. Allow users to filter events by category and subscribe to event notifications.
  6. Admissions Information: Create a dedicated section for admissions information, including application procedures, admission requirements, deadlines, and tuition fees. Provide downloadable forms and resources for prospective students and parents.
  7. Parent Resources: Offer resources and support for parents, such as school policies, parent handbooks, volunteer opportunities, and links to educational resources. Include a parent portal or login area for accessing student grades, attendance records, and communication with teachers.
  8. News and Announcements: Keep stakeholders informed about school news, announcements, and achievements through a regularly updated blog or news section. Share stories, photos, and videos to engage visitors and showcase the school community.
  9. Interactive Features: Incorporate interactive features such as online forms for inquiries, applications, and feedback. Include a search function to help users quickly find specific information, and integrate social media buttons for easy sharing and engagement.
  10. Accessibility and Mobile Responsiveness: Ensure that the website is accessible to users with disabilities by following web accessibility standards (e.g., WCAG). Design the website to be responsive and mobile-friendly, allowing users to access content seamlessly across devices.
  11. Safety and Security: Prioritize the safety and security of students and staff by including information about emergency procedures, safety protocols, and resources for reporting concerns. Provide secure login portals for staff and students to access sensitive information.
  12. Multimedia Gallery: Showcase photos and videos of school events, performances, and student achievements in a multimedia gallery. Use captions and tags to categorize and organize media content for easy browsing.

By incorporating these essentials into the school website design, you can create a user-friendly, informative, and engaging online platform that serves the needs of the school community. Regularly update and maintain the website to ensure that information is accurate, relevant, and up-to-date.

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