This article shows you how to customize your Twitter profile.  If you do not have a Twitter account then please click here for instructions on how to create a Twitter Account.

You can customize your profile by selecting your own profile and header images, by adding your name, bio, location, website url, theme color, etc.

How to customize your profile

  1. Sign in to your Twitter Account
  2. Go to your profile.
  3. Click on the Edit profile button.
  4. From here you can upload your Header photo. The recommended size for the header photo is 1500 x 500
  5. You can upload your profile photo. The recommended size is 400 x 400
  6. Enter your name
  7. Enter your bio / company information. The maximum allowable characters is 160
  8. Enter your Website url
  9. Enter your Birthday
    • Header photo (recommended dimensions are 1500×500 pixels)
    • Profile photo (recommended dimensions are 400×400 pixels)
    • Name
    • Bio (maximum 160 characters)
    • Location
    • Website
    • Theme color (only editable on
    • Birthday
  10. You can control who sees your birthday!
  11. Once you have uploaded your pictures and made changes to your profile select Save changes.

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About Twitter

Twitter, launched in July 2006, has become one of the most prominent social media platforms globally. Here’s a brief history:

  1. Founding: Twitter was founded by Jack Dorsey, Biz Stone, and Evan Williams. The idea emerged from a project within Odeo, a podcasting company where Dorsey worked. The team aimed to create a platform for sending short, text-based messages to groups of people.
  2. Launch: Twitter was officially launched to the public in July 2006. Initially, it gained attention at the South by Southwest (SXSW) festival later that year, where its popularity surged as attendees used it to communicate and coordinate.
  3. Early Growth: In its early years, Twitter experienced steady growth, attracting users who appreciated its simplicity and real-time nature. Celebrities, politicians, and media personalities began using the platform to share updates and connect with their audiences.
  4. Features and Innovations: Twitter introduced several key features and innovations over the years, including hashtags (#) in 2007, retweets (RT) in 2009, and the verified accounts program in 2009. These features helped users discover content, engage with each other, and authenticate notable accounts.
  5. Monetization: Twitter began exploring monetization strategies, introducing advertising options like Promoted Tweets, Trends, and Accounts to allow businesses to reach their target audiences. These advertising products contributed to Twitter’s revenue growth.
  6. User Growth and Challenges: While Twitter experienced significant user growth, it also faced challenges such as user retention, harassment, and abuse on the platform. The company implemented measures to address these issues, including improving reporting tools and enforcing stricter rules against abusive behavior.
  7. Leadership Changes and Corporate Developments: Twitter underwent several leadership changes and corporate developments over the years. Jack Dorsey served as CEO during the early years, then returned to the role in 2015. The company went public with its initial public offering (IPO) in 2013, trading on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol “TWTR.”
  8. Expansion and Diversification: Twitter expanded its offerings beyond its core platform, acquiring companies like Periscope (a live-streaming app) in 2015 and launching new features like Twitter Spaces (audio chat rooms) in 2020. The platform also diversified its revenue streams through partnerships, subscriptions, and other initiatives.
  9. Impact and Influence: Twitter has had a significant impact on society, politics, and culture. It has been used to disseminate news, organize social movements, and facilitate public discourse on various issues. The platform has also faced criticism for its role in spreading misinformation, echo chambers, and polarizing debates.
  10. Continued Evolution: Twitter continues to evolve, introducing new features, refining its policies, and adapting to changing user needs and market dynamics. Twitter remains a prominent platform for communication, expression, and engagement on the internet.


Twitter was bought by Elon Musk. Twitter has changed it’s name to X. now redirects to

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