Website optimization is important if you would like to target customers. Many website owners are under the impression that setting up their website will instantly bring them customers.
Website owners do not treat your website as a sign post! The more you are involved with your website, the more your website will work for you. You do not need a web design background or be an SEO expert to write useful content for your website. Constantly updating your website, writing fresh useful content are the basics of website optimization. Adding blog or a news section to your website can help with website optimization. If you have a blog, you could keep adding useful articles to encourage visitors to return to your site.

Website Optimization means Clarity and Ease of Use

When a visitor comes to your homepage for the first time, it should be immediately clear to them what your website is about and what services offer. Usually users just skim through the content. Make your content easy to understand. Make sure your graphics portray your message.

Pay attention to your navigation. The user should be easily able to navigate to each page of your website.

Website Optimization means write for Users Not for Search Engines

When optimizing a website for search engines, website owners and content writers often forget that the user comes first. Users want text that is easy to read and well structured. Your home page should have a clear introduction of who you are and what services you provide. If you use a slider, it is important you have a meaningful tagline or slogan that will trigger users to dig deeper into your website. If your website is content focused it will reduce your bounce rate. Don’t forget to have plenty of call to action elements. The call-to-action on a page triggers the user to click and go to the next page.  Lastly, do not stuff your content with keywords.  A keyword density of 2% is good.