You may think this is not important. You have a small business and you use a gmail, MSN or a yahoo account for your business. You use it because you are used to it. I was talking to a small business owner and he was confused why I thought it was important to have an email address that matches their domain name. I am not going to say get rid of your gmail or any other account, I am just saying that it is more professional to have an email that matches your domain name. An email address that is looks more professional than a gmail that is A simple domain based email serves as an advertisement for your website. If you insist on using your gmail address, probably you could have a domain based email forwarded to your gmail address. If you have gone through the trouble of buying a domain and a website then why not use an email account that matches your domain. Some services do not accept gmail or other accounts.  They require you to use your domain based email when creating a link with them or advertising with them.

More Traffic For Your Site

If your email address does not match your domain name, customers may think you are not committed to your business. They might think you are a spammer. Having an email that matches your domain name will also bring you traffic. For example you may pass your business card that has your domain based email or register at a site with a domain based email. The user or potential customer who receives your domain based email will surely visit your site.

A domain name email makes a small business more credible

A small business looks more professional when it has an email address matching its domain. Studies have shown that customers contacting the owner or employee whose official email address matches the domain feel more confident about a business.

Domain based email

Benefits of using domain based email

Using a domain-based email, such as, offers several advantages over free email services like Gmail, Yahoo, or Hotmail:

  1. Professionalism: A domain-based email gives your business a more professional appearance and helps build trust with customers and clients. It reinforces your brand identity and credibility, especially when communicating with potential clients or partners.
  2. Brand Recognition: Using your business domain in your email address reinforces your brand every time you send an email. It helps increase brand recognition and makes it easier for recipients to remember and associate your email address with your business.
  3. Customization: With a domain-based email, you have full control over your email addresses and can create custom email addresses for different purposes or departments within your organization (e.g.,, This allows for better organization and professionalism in communication.
  4. Security: Domain-based email services often come with enhanced security features, such as encryption, spam filtering, and malware protection, to help safeguard your email communications and sensitive information.
  5. Consistency: Using a domain-based email ensures consistency across your digital presence, including your website, email communications, and marketing materials. It presents a unified and cohesive image of your business to customers and stakeholders.
  6. Ownership and Control: When you use a domain-based email, you own and control your email domain, meaning you’re not reliant on a third-party service provider. This gives you more autonomy and flexibility in managing your email accounts and data.
  7. Scalability: Domain-based email solutions can scale with your business as it grows. Whether you’re a small startup or a large enterprise, you can easily add or remove email accounts and adjust your email hosting resources to accommodate changing needs.
  8. Professional Communication: A domain-based email lends itself to more professional communication, allowing you to customize email signatures, set up autoresponders, and create personalized email templates that reflect your brand and enhance the customer experience.

Overall, using a domain-based email is a valuable investment for businesses of all sizes, offering professionalism, brand recognition, customization, security, and control over your email communications. It’s an essential component of a professional and cohesive digital presence for your business.

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