Web Development Terms of Service

Virginia Web Design and IT Solutions company Fees:

Initial deposit is required before work on the web project begins. Second installment is due when the design is completed. The balance is due before the launch of the website.

Additional Fees:

Scope of work changes. The client requires additional pages, programming, copy writing, digital photography or stock photography.

The client agrees upon the design of the web page. Once the design is developed, the client requires another design which is completely different. Once the website is completed and the client requires complete change of website structure and navigation.

Once development has started and the customer cancels their account, they will be liable for all development costs.


The customer will be responsible for providing NetQwik with all the content. NetQwik can help with content writing at an additional cost. NetQwik can provide some images from their stock art. If the customer wants additional images, NetQwik will buy purchase art for them at additional charges.

Project Acceptance

NetQwik reserves the right to refuse acceptance of projects.

Damages and Cancellation

NetQwik will not be responsible for any damages. NetQwik will not be responsible if the customer fails to provide materials for the website. NetQwik will inform the customer via email, phone or mail any materials they require to complete the website.

Customer should note that once NetQwik has started working on their project, they cannot cancel the project. Once development has started and a Project is delayed or stopped by the customer, the customer will be responsible for all development charges. In addition, a 10% cancellation fee will apply.

Late Fees

All sales are final. There are no refunds on development costs. In case of cancellation, if the project is paid in full NetQwik will refund the hosting charges. A 10% late fee per week will be charged if payment is not made.

If NetQwik has to file legal action due to non-payment, then the customer will be responsible for all legal expenses including 3rd party collection agencies.