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E-Commerce is one of the most viable business opportunities today. With the rise in gas prices, more people are shopping online. Online sales are expected to hit $269.5 billion in the U.S. in 2023. Starting an e-Commerce business site requires minimal start-up cost and is relatively low-risk as compared to opening a retail store. Thousands of entrepreneurs are cashing in on their e-commerce web sites. However, if you are unfamiliar with setting up an e-Commerce site it can be a bit intimidating.

NetQwik provides complete e-Commerce Solutions from setting up your domain name, hosting, merchant account, payment gateway, launching and advertising your online store and training you to manage your own online store.

Here are the steps for setting up your store:

Step 1: NetQwik will assist you with buying a domain name

Domain names range from $20.00 to $60.00 a year or more depending upon the type you choose.

Step 2: NetQwik will set up a hosting account for you

Hosting ranges from $17.99 a month or depending upon what type of hosting your require, whether you require a dedicated hosting or shared hosting.

Step 3: NetQwik will set up your shopping cart for you. Two options are available

Option 1: Free Shopping Cart
Option 2: Shopping Cart from $20.99 a month depending upon how many items you wish to sell.

Step 4: Set Up Merchant Account

In order to accept credit card payments you will need a merchant account or a Paypal account. If you don’t have a Merchant Account, NetQwik will refer you to a Merchant Account Service. If you do not wish you use a Merchant Account you can open a Paypal Account.

Click here to set up Merchant services and payment gateway.

Step 5: Set up Payment Gateway

If you are using Paypal, then this step does not apply to you. To accept payments online you will need a payment gateway. With a payment gateway when an online order is processed the credit card is validated and the funds are automatically transferred to your account. However, it is important to note that not all payment gateways will be compatible with your shopping cart software. NetQwik will help you set this up.

Step 6: NetQwik will set up an SSL Certificate for you

This protects the buyers credit card information. It encrypts the data when it is in transit.  Credit card transactions will fail if this is not set up.

Step 7: Provide Information to NetQwik

NetQwik will ask you to provide the following:

  1. Price of each item you wish to sell
  2. Description of each item
  3. If you would like to charge the item by weight or if you would like to charge a flat shipping fee
  4. If you would like to charge the item by weight we would want to know the weight of each item
  5. Pictures of the items you are selling

NetQwik will design your Online Store

Once we have the information we will start developing your store. Your store will be fully scalable. You can add from 1 to an unlimited amount of items.

NetQwik will give you instructions on how to manage and update your products

e-Commerce Platforms

Platform for setting up an e-Commerce Store

There are numerous platforms for setting up an online store. However consider factors such as scalability, ease of use, integration capabilities, and ongoing support when choosing software for your online store. Additionally, make sure to comply with relevant regulations and security standards to protect both your business and your customers.

Setting up an online store involves various components, including e-commerce platforms, website builders, payment gateways, and other tools. The choice of software depends on your specific needs, technical expertise, budget, and the scale of your online store. Here are some popular options:

  • WooCommerce: A WordPress plugin that turns your WordPress site into a fully functional online store. It’s customizable and can scale with your business. It is an open source program, therefore it is the most economical software to use. It’s suitable for small to medium-sized businesses. No matter what your business goals are, you can achieve them with WooCommerce. WooCommerce is an open source ecommerce platform that empowers merchants and developers to build sustainable businesses.
  • Quick Shopping Cart: Go daddy offers an e-commerce platform if you’re just looking for the low-cost and easy-to-use Quick Shopping Cart. Call NetQwik to learn more.
  • Shopify:  Shopify is a widely-used e-commerce website development platform that offers a range of monthly and annual plans. This e-commerce platform offers a range of features to help businesses launch their online stores. Each Shopify plan provides an unlimited amount of storage, an unlimited amount of bandwidth, and the ability to post unlimited products, allowing Shopify to scale gracefully as your business expands. Shopify is not free and has limited free templates.  Shopify templates can range from $99 to $350.  It offers limited customization, higher-tier plans are pricey, transaction fees are charged when not using Shopify Payments.
  • Magento: A powerful open-source platform for larger enterprises. It offers high customization but may require more technical expertise. It requires powerful hosing and the software consists of large files.
  • OpenCart: OpenCart provides all the standard e-commerce features that customers may require. The OpenCart platform is open source, meaning that all components of the OpenCart script are free of charge, and that users are free to customize the platform as they wish. Additionally, the platform offers lifetime free support, as well as free software updates. It offers high customization but may require more technical expertise.
  • Zen Cart: A free, user-friendly, and open-source shopping cart software.  The e-commerce platform has rich features.  You can change your e-Commerce platform into catalog mode or shop mode within seconds. You can send out e-mails to customers with one-click. However, it is tedious to update as new security updates are released. It offers high customization but may require more technical expertise.

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