Web Designer or SEOSEO is the most used word on the internet vocabulary!!! I have read a lot of articles about SEO and Web Designers. Search Optimization Experts think Web Designers cannot be SEO’s and Web Designers think SEO’s are fraud. So what does this mean?

SEO or a Web Designer?  Who Do You Need?

Let me point out that Search Engine Optimization starts before a web design commences. If a web designer is experienced, before they set up a design they will want to know what a client’s target market is. They will suggest to the client what is good for SEO and what is not. However, it will be up to the client to decide what they need. After all the client is your bread and butter, so you got to do what the client says. However the experienced web designer will be able to set up clean code that is searchable. They will be able to set up your meta tags, google analytics, google sitemap and the works.

I read an article recently where an SEO expert said Web Design is nothing but splashing graphics on the web. I think this SEO expert was a fraud. If you do not know the basics of web design then how can you be an SEO?

There are several phases to a web design. The first phase is to know your niche. Once you know your target market you can design accordingly. You research for your keywords, add them at the appropriate places, you connect with your customers via social media and more…

Now these days there are lot of people who call themselves SEO experts and Web Designers. There are authentic SEO’s and there are highly talented web designers. However, the business of Web Design and SEO is unregulated, therefore it is easy to fall prey to a scam artist.  A fraud SEO will send you emails and send you all these marketing charts that are beyond your comprehension.  He will confuse you and tell you how he make you #1 of google.  Remember, there is black hat SEO which can get you banned from google – so beware of these SEO’s!

SEO Plus Web Designer

A web designer is only good if they know SEO and an SEO is only good if they know how to code and know the basics of web design.

Article by Web Design Fairfax