Social media optimization also known as SMO, is a great way for marketing. It focuses on generating traffic and advertising your brand by connecting to people around the world. Facebook, Twitter, Google+ allow you build many contacts and supporters. With video-sharing websites such as YouTube, you can upload your business videos and share them with your potential customers.


Facebook is one of the most popular social networking websites. Facebook is in top ten websites that gets the most traffic. It allows you to interact with people throughout the world. You can add your profile pages, pictures, videos and messages. It allows you to create business pages and promote your business. You can also use Facebook Ads to generate more business. Don’t confuse personal facebook pages with business pages. Although you can connect with customers via your personal facebook page it is best to create a business page.

To create a Facebook business page login to your Facebook Account and then navigate to
Choose a relevant category for your business. Enter your address. Enter your business profile information. Agree to Facebook’s terms and conditions and Click Get Started. Most business fall under the Local Business or Place. You can add messages, pictures and videos to your Facebook Timeline.

Facebook offers a paid advertising tool to promote your post. The cost to promote your post depends upon your geographic location and how many people you can reach.

You can create a Facebook Ad to generate more likes.

Microblog with Twitter and Build Followers

Twitter is another powerful social media site. Twitter Search updates its entire database of tweets as they occur. Twitters allows you to microblog. You can send tweets that are 140 characters or less.

Google +

Google+ was launched in the year 2011 to compete with Facebook. It has gained a lot of popularity.


LinkedIn one of the most popular business oriented social networking site that allows you to network with other professionals and build trust in your business.