Seo is not a rocket science, it is just hard work. SEO means keeping current with Google’s constantly changing alogorithm. Search engines are getting smarter. They constantly change their algorithm to improve the quality of search results. Thus ranking factors change, new one’s arise and old ones become obsolete.

#1 Organic Ranking In Google?

Are you considering a #1 organic ranking in Google? Think again. Google earns a bulk of it’s income from Google Adwords.  Therefore, they are aggressive about selling their advertising. When you perform a search on Google, generally you get 7 sponsored Ads. Four Ads on the top, then a Google Map. Now if you want to see organic search results you will have to scroll down the fold. How many users do that? It would be no surprise if your web page gets overlooked in this jumble of search results.

Although it is beneficial in the long run to perform well organically, if you are a new business you may want to consider using Google Adwords. If your website is fairly new, it could take a few months before you start seeing any results on Google.