Google AdWords is Google’s online advertising program. With Google Adwords you can advertise and reach new customers to grow your business.

How Does Google Adwords Work?

There are two types of searches – ‘organic’ and ‘paid’. When you perform a search in Google, you will notice Ads appear on the top, on the right side and bottom of the page.  These Ads are sponsored Ads, i.e., that the Business is paying Google to appear in the search results.   The search results that are displayed in the middle appear due to organic search. Organic search results are listings on search engine results pages that appear because of their relevance to the search terms.

How Much Does Google Adwords Cost?

One of the first question advertisers have is ‘How much does AdWords cost?”  You decide how much you want to spend.  You only pay when someone clicks on your Ad or if someone watches your video ad.

How To Get Started With Adwords

To get started with Adwords you create an account.  You set up the daily budget you are comfortable with.  You will need to decide on a bidding strategy, decide on the  Campaign type, create Ad Groups and Ads and add relevant keywords.  You can target language, location, schedule your Ads, adjust bids and more.

Keywords for Your Adwords

You can use the Keyword planner or Display planner to research your keywords.  When choosing keywords for your AdWords campaigns options are available.

  • Broad Match: This option allows your ad to show when someone searches for that keyword or a variation of it.
  • Negative Match: This option will prevent your ad from showing when a word or phrase you specify is searched for.
  • Phrase Match: Phrase match triggers your ad when someone searches for your exact keyword phrase, or close variations of your exact keyword phrase and other words before or after that phrase. This also includes misspellings, singular and plural forms
  • Exact Match: Exact match lets a keyword trigger your ad to show only when someone searches for the exact keyword or close variations of the exact keyword

Setting Up Your Campaigns

The type of campaign you select depends upon your goals and marketing objectives.  Set up your campaigns, bidding, Ad Groups and Ads.


You can enhance your Ad by adding extensions such as sitelinks, location, call, call only, etc.

Monitor Your AdWords Accounts

Once ads are up and running it is important to monitor your account performance. Calculate your ROI, verify what keywords are working for you, etc.

If you need assistance give us a call at 800-657-5432.  A google certified AdWords individual will be assigned to you.


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